Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stressed Out

Uggh Stress.

The word that makes all of us cringe. What is it about it? Is it a natural human emotion, like anger, sadness, etc? What is it that makes us "stressed out?" We get the headache, the turning stomach or other symptoms. We become short tempered, forgetful and our tolerance levels hit rock bottom. Why do we "go crazy" when we become stressed?

I've learned a lot about stress in my latest years. From high school until the present, I've had all kinds of things stress me out. I'm a person that tends to stress easily. If something doesn't go the right way, it stays on my mind until its finally the only thing I am thinking and worrying about. Multiply that by 10 or more things, and you begin to wonder how a person can handle it.

I am a young, single, somewhat attractive male. I have no kids, a job, and a few bills I address every month. What, do you ask, do I have to stress about?

It is literally crazy. I am the type of person to stress about anything and everything. I handle stress so poorly that I take a daily medication to help me handle it better. If I see a piece of lint on someone's clothes, I will stress about that lint and let it consume my day if I don't stop myself. Imagine how I get when something serious happens...

This week has brought out the stress! Besides not having my meds refilled, I am required to work 6am-8 or 9pm every night this week due to monitors on campus. I am worried sick that something will be wrong with the home I manage, and I will lose my job, or worse, get publicly embarrassed. I'm still concerned about one of the individuals I provide services for, as well as the other guys on the home. I'm overworked and tired, not getting enough sleep at night, which heightens my stress level.
Besides that my personal life also sucks and I am still stressing over buying a house. Once I buy the right house, then I have a bunch of other things planned, but cannot fulfill them until I buy the house, which I wont be able to do until I get some other things done. *sigh*

So why, I wonder, does a person stress. At the time I am healthy, financially stable, I have a car, a place to live, food to eat, and even go out to have fun sometimes. Honestly my life rocks. Is there some little "stress monster" that lives in a human being to make him act wacko? Are these stress monsters bigger in some people than others? What is the deal? Maybe its just human nature to stress. Maybe it hidden fear that one may lose everything. Maybe I just have the primal need to feel relevance. Its so confusing and any medical resource I consult doesn't really give a reason that stress exists, only what it is and what causes it.

So, until I find a reasonable, effective coping mechanism, I am simply stuck as a stresser. I am constantly learning and growing every day, so maybe this way to cope will develop as I grow older. Sometimes I stress that it wont, and one day I'll officially lose my mind, but I can't be sure and that stresses me out.

For the time being I am just going to advise you not to stress. This may be impossible, but don't let the possibility stress you out.

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