Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ke$sha- Wow, meet me in the back with the Jack at the Jukebox.

So I finally bought the Ke$ha album. Honestly I was surprised. I loved her "Tik-Tok" song, but didn't think there was anything spectacular about her. It was a fun song, got me "crunked up" but that was it.

Well since she released the Blah Blah song I went ahead and bought the whole album. It was only 9 bucks, so I figured that at least it would pump me up when I needed it.

I LOVE it! I don't think there's a song on the album that I don't like. Even though the majority of the songs are shallow and fun, the lyrics are actually raw and relateable. Some of the songs are something that I personally could say to people or experience on any given day.

It's true that she doesn't have the best voice and there is much auto tune on the album, but she can carry a tune and keep me entertained, which is what I look for in an artist.

Some of the best songs on the album are "Kiss and Tell," "Stephan" and "Your Love is My Drug." There are certain lyrics and phrases that people can and do say in everyday life. While some popular artists sing about lifestyles of their famous and wealthy life, Ke$ha sings about 20-something, common folks lives and the crazy things that real people experience. As I was driving home listening to the cd yesterday, I was put in the best mood I've been in through the past 2 weeks probably.

Some of the best lyrics are: "You're looking like a tool not a baller. You're acting like a chick, why bother? I can find someone way hotter with a bigger d---. wow... well." From "Kiss and Tell," a song about a cheater.

Or even, "I saw you in your tight ass rocker pants. You saw me too I laughed 'Cause I was completely trashed. And I watched your Ugly girlfriend sneer across the room. As if I really care that she's here with you. All I know is... Your my object of affection. My drug of choice. My sick obsession..." From "Stephen," A song about someone you like that doesn't like you back. (Something I know very well)

Then, "My friends think I've gone crazy. My judgments getting kinda hazy. My esteem is gonna be affected. If I keep it up like a lovesick crackhead. What you got boy is hard to find, I think about it all the time, I'm all strung out, my heart is fried. I just can't get you off my mind. Hey, so I gotta question. Do you wanna have a slumber party in my basement? Do I make your heart beat like an 808 drum? Is my love with your drug? Your love is my drug." From "Your Love is My Drug," A song about having a crush, something everyone has gone through.

Plus her voice, the way she talks/raps through some of her songs is great. She has that addictive voice, its kind of sexy actually. I find myself walking around, singing these lyrics, and then randomly saying them to people, just out of no-where.

This is definitely an album I recommend. Though the majority of the songs are about partying, loving, or other young people things, it's definitely an album that will pump you up and make you feel carefree and young.

I definitely look forward to her future work.

"Meet in the back with the Jack at the jukebox..."

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