Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's just one of those days

Its one of those days where I want to just lay around and forget about the world. The last 3 weeks of work have been hell, and though I love my job and my facility, a superior is super stressed and I get to be the one that it is taken out on. I have been working my ass off, coming in at 5:30am every day and not leaving until 7 or 8pm. I have gotten several compliments on my performance, the home I manage as well as the positive changes I have made. Somehow though, I'm the "whipping boy." I am told that my home is the worst and my staff are the worst. This has led me to believe that obviously, I must be the worst manager. I've been in my position for 4 months now. I'm the only male, I'm the only one who was not an original "shift supervisor," and my home is the largest on campus, with the most diverse group of individuals. I don't believe its the worst, but I do believe that this superior has something against my home, and not necessarily me in general.

Usually I let this kind of stuff go right over me. I guess I'm just tired or frustrated or a combo of both from listening to the nagging about how terrible my home is and how its MY fault. Anyway after the countless hours I've spent training, teaching and disciplining these children they send me as staff, I have finally reached a breaking point.

Continued 03/19/10
My morning shift is so awesome! They are on the ball and do everything they're supposed to most of the time. My night shift is "so-so." They need some extra work, but aren't terrible. My evening shift though; that's where the problems are. I've done correcting, tracking and many things to get them in shape, yet they still slack. As a manager I only ask my staff to give me 8 hours of their day, 5 days a week. On this 8 hours I expect them to work. When they accepted the job and salary, they accepted the duties in the job description. Its that simple. I have finally reached the point where there's zero tolerance. No more reminding, no more second chances. They know what they're supposed to do, and know they're expected to do it. They go through 2 weeks paid training to learn the policy and procedure of the facility, and then are mentored for 3 days to learn their specific home and unit. It's like there's no professionalism anymore. If 5 or 6 of them have go for the rest of them to learn, so be it. I care about my job and career, and I refuse to let employees only out for a paycheck ruin my future and label me as a bad manager. Simple.

I had a meeting yesterday with my supervisor regarding these issues, and I think she finally understands that I am busting my ass trying to be the best. She gave me advice and hopefully now understands that I am on top of things. I informed her that if the only way I can be effective is to be a jack ass, so be it. I'm a new, young manager so sometimes they may try to get by me. I've just got to prove that I'm on top of things and not playing around. I'm ready to make some improvements, and they better get with it or get gone.

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