Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life and Changes. Who am I?

So, its been a few weeks since my last post...

When I last posted, I had just gotten out of the hospital with a collapsed lung and surgery on my tailbone. I was resting up, making plans and making changes.

I started to realize that I was becoming one of those people that I pitied. One of those routine, predictable people that, according to me, had no life.

I decided to begin living on the edge of life, partying every week(end) and taking risks and not giving a damn. I was driving 200 miles to Austin for the atmosphere and company, then hitting up Waco and Dallas when I partied locally. I said "screw Mexia and any town where the bars close at midnight!" My life was a blur. I began job searching in south Texas. I wanted to get away from everything dull and drab and be someone new. I realized in November I will be in my official "mid-twenties" and thirty gets closer every day. I was losing my sanity, I hit the highway of life and was heading head on, 120kmh in the wrong lane.

Before I knew it, I couldn't keep up with myself. I was beginning to become one of the people I envisioned as fabulous and that I envied. One of those people that didn't think life was worth living unless you were living in the fire. I barely recognized myself. I was changing. I was losing Chase. I realized that it was an awesome lifestyle, one I enjoyed. I also realized that it was one that I couldn't live forever. I realized that eventually I was going to be running 120kmh in the wrong lane, and end up crashing and burning.

I began to understand that I love the city of Austin, but if I moved there it may lose its magic to me. I realized that I was comfortable in Mexia. It wasn't my most favorite place to be, but I have a car, and when I get ready I can drive anywhere I want to. I can keep Austin magical [or weird] and visit whenever, and still be fresh to that awesome city that I've fallen in love with.

I began to realize that I love my facility and job. That I could have a life here. It may be harder to accomplish, but I could make it grand and "rockstar-ish." Also, maybe I would be ok with that.

Finally I began to focus on the now. I realize I've always been "different" than my peers, that I was interested in different things. I'm not interested in finding the love of my life, having kids and a house in the cul-de-sac. My focus was different. I have drive and ambition to succeed. I want a career! I want to get back in school! I want to change people's lives for the good!

Suddenly I threw myself head first into life. I drew out what I had, what I wanted and what I needed. I began working more overtime. Though it meant that I had to party less, I soon realized that my budget, checking account and performance at work were all increasing. I began house shopping, taking care of personal business and actually practicing humanity. My doctor had prescribed better medication to focus on my serotonin deficiency and ADD. I found out that (with Adderall) I could focus, accomplish things and get ahead in my projects. I began to finish personal projects that I started last year. I began to lose weight from keeping busy and the lack of appetite the Adderall initiated. 15 lbs lighter, I now feel better about my looks, my finances, my projects and my job.

I began working with my guys that live on my home at work. One gentleman in particular I've gotten to know and developed a somewhat paternal/fraternal bond with and hopefully am positively changing his life, which is making me want to help improve so many more lives.
I read up on this guy and then got to know him personally. He is now one of my favorite people in the world. If I, Mr. "Never be a parent," were to have paternal feelings, I would understand what it feels like now. I began to understand that many people didn't have the best of life growing up, but I could help him and others I encounter in life have the best of the rest of their lives. Every human deserves to be acknowledged, happy and cared for. I've developed a stronger sense of empathy, and once I put myself in another's place, I realize how good I've got it (or had it or will have it) and that everyone deserves that. Life is meant to be abundant with love and happiness. Just because someone has a disability, shady history or is different from you, they still feel. As people, I have found its important to share good feelings, and let people know that they have someone "in their corner" and that you "have their back." Who knows, you may give them a compliment that is the first one they've gotten in years. Even someone you meet on the street, work with, or work for. Maybe the clerk in the store, your neighbor or your insurance agent. Humanity is something that all humans have in common. I've learned this, just by doing my job.

I realize that helping improve lives is the field of work that I belong in, and though I'll never be a millionaire, I'll finally have that sense of completion that I didn't have before. What I'm doing with my life is worth something and will improve the quality of someone else's life which makes me feel that I've done something worth living for. It's made me interested in pursuing a MS in Social Work as well, which I never cared for before. Its funny that I took this position for the money, the experience and the recognition of being a good employee, and have ended up so engrossed in my work (not just job) that I could care less about those previous things.

My life has totally turned around. Though that bit of "spicy" Chase is still here, it's not overwhelming and I am finding a balance between wild and boring. I still party and have fun, but I have developed a purpose to living. Its mystifying to learn more as I travel into adulthood.

This topic wasn't even what I meant to write about, but I guess it's what was on my mind. I have the need to share empathy with others, and I try to improve someones life because everyone deserves happiness. No-one was born to suffer.

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