Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rockin it to Disney

So I'm here this afternoon, not partaking in all of the Superbowl junk thats going on today. I had some quiet leisure time, so of course I decided to browse through the thousands of songs on my iTunes to think and develop some ideas for something.
As I jammed, I found myself coming back to the disney soundtracks from the movies from my childhood. The Disney movies from that time period absolutely rocked. I listened to the lyrics that I loved as a child, but never quite understood the depth of them that I can in my adulthood.
I browsed songs from Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty and tons of other great ones. I began to listen, and said "Hey, I can relate to this." The powerful intent of the heroes and heroins from the movies filled my soul, and suddenly I understood where they were coming from...

A street rat in Arabia, who has to steal and outsmart to survive. Or the weird half fish/half woman creature that dreams to go to a place that's forbidden by her overprotective father and where the love of her life lives (plus she'd dry out and die.) What about the teenage slave to her evil, chainsmoking step-mother, and hags of step-sisters? Then there's the young, semi-cute princess, who's all alone and wants someone to love so bad that she begins to have hallucinations about him and claims she sees him in her dreams. Its all so fantastic!
Anyways, I can relate to these fictional, weird people. Mexia might as well be under the sea. The State pays so low that you must fight to survive. There's a major babe drought here, and you if you do meet someone, you may feel like a beauty, and feel that they look like a beast...

So, these songs are awesome. I think these days people forget to listen to lyrics and what they say. Since I've began to consider myself a mini-celeb (to boost self esteem) I am constantly looking for new songs to be "theme songs" or at least part of the soundtrack of my life.

Disney reminds me to follow my dreams, that anything is possible, including hideous dragons and apples that will make you sleep forever. Disney reminds me that I can grow my hair long enough to send it out the window and even the fact that someday, I may find someone to take a 21st century version of a magic carpet ride and go anywhere and not care about anything thats not of interest to me.

In closing, I want everyone to remember these lessons that Disney songs teach us. Though the times change, people change and technology changes, the structure of human nature and emotions doesn't really change. Anything is still possible and if you suppress the things you want long enough, some evil woman will make you scrub her floors, a wicked witch will give you a poison apple, or worse, an evil sea witch/octopus may try to steal your lover from you. Get out there and do it and forget all about the evil ones.

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