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Shopping Delimma- November 08

Sunday, November 23, 2008
Shopping Dilemma Current mood: bummed Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping
"No matter what I do, all I think about is you, even with I'm with my boo, you know I'm crazy over you" Haha. The word dilemma made me think of the old school Nelly/Kelly song!
The weirdest thing has happened to me. I actually somewhat enjoy clothes shopping for myself, especially nice, trendy clothing articles that make me look good. I used to hate to shop, and wore a solid polo shirt and khakis every day. Now I find myself expressing myself more through clothes, which I thought would never happen, and enjoy getting compliments on them. I still hate spending hours looking at things and so forth, but since I've discovered I look good in earth tones, blues and whites, I enjoy finding "fun" things to wear, that I actually look good in.
So. This story starts a few weeks ago, when one of the smartest, fashionable people in the world, HLM Jay-R, posted a blog about his christmas/birthday wish list. On this list, Mr. M. posted a photo of the greatest jacket in the world. It's a mens bubble jacket with a hood with faux fur on it! I fell in love immediately and though I remain thrifty, I lusted after that jacket, and pictured myself looking young and sexy in it, even though I rarely wear jackets since I'm so hot natured, but that's beside the point.
So last wednesday, as many of you know, I had to go to College Station to take my state exit exam, and after the completion of the passed exam, I was feeling good and wanted to walk around the mall to do some xmas shopping.
Well I went in one of the stores, either Bealls or Dillards, and low and behold, there was the gorgeous bubble jacket. Now here's where I show my true colors as an idiot. I was talking to Melanie on the phone, and looked at the Polo jacket, which was 50% off, only $50! I urged myself to walk by, since I needed to spend my meager state salary on gifts for others, instead of myself. I left the store, but still thought about the gorgeous jacket.
So fast forward to today. I woke up and was freezing!!! I had to go to Mexia to go Wal-Marting, and as I left WalMart, I became cold and depressed, and new the exact comfort item I needed. I spontaneously drove to Waco, and decided that I would find me a furred hooded bubble jacket and buy it for myself, because I deserved it! So I started out in Kolls. There was a fantastic sale going on, and I searched everywhere for the hidden jacket, but my expenditure of energy was useless. I scoured that store but to no avail, could not find a jacket. I didnt end up empty handed though, I found some nice jeans and a few shirts that I grabbed, but no jacket. I also saw some great trendy clothes that I wanted, but decided to be a little thrifty and passed them by. (I really want to go back and get the scholarly sweater though.) Next I tried the Belk. That attempt was fruitless also. Ross is next to Belk, so I went in and looked and FOUND a jacket. However, the jacket was white-out white and overstuffed. I rarely buy Ross clothes since there is usually some kind of defect, but I tried on the jacket. It was way too gangsta for me, and I looked like a marshmallow in it. Besides the fur was ugly. I left Ross empty handed.
After that I tried the Richland Mall. I looked everywhere but could not find one. To make matters worse, it seems like every young guy in the mall was wearing a bubble furred jacket today, and as tempted as I was to mug one of them for their jacket, I listened to my concious and continued looking. Aeropostale had one, but it was shiny black, and the store clerk told me I looked like a rubber tire in it, it was so shiny. I thanked him for his opinion, and agreed, so I put the shiny rubber jacket back on the shelf. I found lots of cute jackets, but I said only fur would suffice. I was hoping I could find a real fur jacket, just to piss off PETA and junk.
I finally gave up and drove home, with some new clothes, but broken hearted about the jacket. I guess I will have to drive to College Station one day next week to see if I can be fortunate enough to find another one in the mall. It seems to be the only way. I have considered sending Ralph out into the pasture to catch another rabbit for me to slaughter for it's meager hide and make my own jacket, but I'm not skilled at that kind of thing. I also, for just a second, considered turning into Cruella DeVille and after the grandpups grow up, making a dog fur jacket, but Sipsi and Ralph didn't like that idea... I guess I'm just gonna have to keep looking... *Sigh*

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