Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Religion Rant October of 08

Short and simple rant. Don't take anything personal.
I do not know why overly religious people attempt to shove their beliefs down my throat. I understand that there is a such thing as witnessing, but there is an invisible line there that can be crossed from witnessing to harassment.
Nobody but God has the authority to determing what my fate will be based on my actions.
I have a God, he created me, and he understands me. He created you, human, and really you have no buisness trying to understand me, and unless you have walked my life in my shoes, you haven't a clue ok?This is just something I want to blog about, nothing serious happened to spur my writing. Just FYI
And what about the feelings of responsibility? In the book Divine Secrets of YaYa sisterhood. There is a quote that I still remember. A nun told a strong heroine, Genevieve Whitman, that "I am responsible for saving these girls' souls." Genevieve replied by saying, "You'll be lucky if you can save your own!" My thoughts exactly, make sure you are taken care of before you put your worry and strength into me. I promise I will rebel everytime. It's a Scorpio/Redhead thing lol.
I love it! lol. Until your perfect, please don't judge me. I try my hardest to be a classy, tactful gentleman, but we know it doesn't always work out that way. Deal with it!
I am a strong believer of the scale system. I follow it every day, and my God understands that. As long as I'm doing more good than bad, I'm in good shape. I never want the bad side of the scale to outweigh the good. These are my opinions and I stick to them. I don't try to convince everyone of my beliefs, but I do not mind having sharing my opinions. Again, no-one is perfect, we all "sin" and we were all created the way we are by God. Everyone has a "cross" to bear, and you should worroy about your own, unless of course someone asks for help.
I promise it will work out correctly. I have total faith in MY God! When I say MY God, I mean the God I believe in, not the God that "so called" christians are bragging about how mean and unlovable he is if you do wrong. I cannot see how God created one of his children, and set them up to fail horribly or else have a miserable life. I was put here to be happy, and live my human life to the fullest and do as much good as I can while Im here. My God created me just the way I am, and he knows what I face from day to day, and he knows every thought/feeling I have.
I'm not angry or anything, just doped up on Benedryl, but it sounded like a good rant. Comment to let me know what you think. If you disagree, I would like to hear it, and if you agree I would like to hear it. I'm always open to opinions and theories, as long as they aren't forced on me.
xoxo I heart you all!

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