Tuesday, June 23, 2009

November 08 Animal Rights Activists

So. I was doing research on dogs in labor, to prepare for my upcoming litter. I stumbled on the Yahoo! Answers website and was reading some of the user questions and replies from other users.
These animal rights activists or ARAs are CRAZY! Very seldom did these people answer a question. Usually their replies consisted of condemning the asker to hell because he/she did something that they saw unfitting, or asked a question that they wanted to gain information on, and were criticized for something. Another thing all these idiots did were to tell everyone to go out to a pound to adopt a loving dog instead of buying one from someone because people that bred dogs were as bad a satan himself, contributing to the homeless animal numbers in America. Sheesh! The people said NEVER buy a dog from a petstore or "puppy mill" because these dogs are treated badly and they arent a good choice for owners...
I had to do it. I had to piss them off! I asked a simple question about why dogs from the pounds are better than buying a puppy from a pet store... I asked that even though the people involved in the pet business may not be the best, do the puppies have to suffer? If they aren't bought, they are usually dumped out on the side of a road to starve to death, or else taken to... you guessed it... to the pound! Therefore when you "save a life" at the pound, to get that "great" dog these ARAs are recommending, aren't you getting the same dog that they told you not to get because of breeding problems and unfit pets? Duh dumbasses!
So I asked that question on there, and I got a few replies. Most of them were stupid excuses about how they don't want the breeder benefitting from the purchase... I then asked, "So you are an ARA, but you could care less about the life of the animal, you just want the people to suffer. I thought the priority of an ARA was to support ANIMALS and assure that they were safe? Sounds kind of odd to me."
So then I actually asked my question about expectant chiapoos and asked for advice. I never got any advice, people just told me I was the devil for supporting and breeding mixed breeds. If I was going to breed, I should do it right. I should have never bought dogs when there were dogs at the pound, blah blah blah the fuck blah! So now I'm thinking... "My kids are animals, but these people don't support them, because of what they are. Don't they need love too? It appears that these rights activists only support it when it benefits them? Such fucking hyppocrits! I hate when people talk bad about my kids and don't even know them... Its a parent thing, and then to call me an unfit parent? I was in fumes, so I sent some provate messages that were too explicit to post on here.
I also wonder why they are so angry and violent? Like the instance of Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen Twins... WTF? Violence does not solve anything, and I dare them to throw flour or dump blood on me if I wear animal fur. I may go to jail, but they will visit the hospital! But seriously, wouldn't that be considered a hate crime or something? People get arrested for it, but never do you see an ARA get arrested. Also, why do they choose violence? Wouldn't it be better to provide education versus violence? Campaign instead of protest. I mean there are worse people out there hurting animals besides Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen Twins. I mean these people dressed up and called them the "Trollsens." How hateful is that? I just hate how they play dirty, and I hope karma kicks their asses.
Oh and I saw the cutest Polo jacket today in the B/CS mall. It was a "puffy" jacket with animal fur (faux) around the lining of the hood, and it was 50% off, so only 49 bucks! I should have grabbed one, but I have to shop for others before I shop for myself, since I am still on state income. Besides I want that $600 coat at the Men's Warehouse, I think it was Calvin... anyways, it was hot, and it matched everything else in the store, so I think I'm just going to doo all my shopping there from now on lol. Anyways, to the point: I think I'm going to buy some garment with fur, and go to the PETA headquarters just to express my freedom of choice or something. I swear, I let these idiots piss me off more than I should have! Anyways, if you have any comments/concerns, let me know. I always love learning, or being a master debator! lol

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