Sunday, June 27, 2010

Whatever Post

Wow. I can't believe I haven't posted anything since May 2nd. Just shows how busy I've been.

Anyways, I'm doing laundry and have some idle time, so I thought I'd write, though I really don't have anything specific to write about. There's so much transition going on in my life right now that I am lost half the time. I've started my new position at work, I've debated on housing options about a million times, I'm concentrating on getting physically attractive (the best I can) and have jumped head first back into school to get the MBA finished as soon as possible.

Overall life is awesome. I started the new position about a week and 1/2 ago. It was a sudden surprise getting released so soon, and it took my by surprise a bit. The new position in the Food and Nutrition department is great and I know I'm going to absolutely love it. It's a much slower pace than I'm used to, and actually much less stressful. It's also "higher" on the career ladder, somewhat of an Assistant Director or "second in command," which is definitely experience I'll need in the future. Due to Annual Survey dropping in last week, I haven't really had a lot of routine training yet, but I'm taking notes and learning whatever I can so hopefully I can prove to be an asset and help the department grow and improve, which is my goal in any job. I also have a fantastic boss that supports her department, and the people I work with have great senses of humor and definitely keep work fun while getting business taken care of. I'm fitting in well in the department and it's only a matter of time before my "family" at MSSLC grows even bigger!
The only negative I've seen thus far is the fact that I've "left" my "family" on the home I previously managed. Like I've said before, working with a group of people 12-16 hours daily, 5-6 days a week, really establishes bonds and relationships. When I first found out I was leaving the next day, I actually felt guilty, like I was trading in my "family" for more money, a higher position & the opportunity to get this Masters degree knocked out. I love all the individuals I worked with as well as all the staff I supervised, so it was a bit hard, but I realized that to better myself, and to improve things in the long-run, it was a move I had to make. Though I loved being a Home Manager at MSSLC, it wasn't something I wanted to do for the rest of my career. The object of the game is to move up and better oneself, so when the opportunity presented itself, I grabbed it. I still have been going to visit and smoke with my guys daily, and am working myself through the transition. Like I mentioned above, this new position is so much more relaxed and a better pace, and as I become acclimated to this pace, I really see the benefits to the change, and am still doing something I love, as well as learning about a department I've been ignorant of in the past and realizing that like everything else, this department is a vital piece of the puzzle that makes up my facility and keeps it successful. I am definitely confident that I made the right choice and am definitely loving my professional life.

Besides the change of jobs, everything else is pretty much the same. I'm still working on thinning down some, and at my last doctor's appointment I weighed in at 167. I imagine I've gained some back since I've eaten so much the past few days, but I'm still working towards the next goal of 160lbs, maybe less, depending on appearance. So far the maximum total loss is at 28 lbs. I'm still doing a little bit of exercise, cutting WAY back on food consumption and trying to keep as busy as possible. I still have some "hate" handles on my sides and a bit of a "muffin top" so I definitely still have some trimming down to do. I don't want to be "heroin-chic," but would like to be able to go shirtless without feeling self conscious. We shall see what happens I guess.

I'm still living between Groesbeck and Mart, and definitely want to move closer to Mexia, but I'm evaluating ALL options and trying to figure out what's best. I've got some personal things in the works that I still can't discuss for a couple of more weeks, but I am definitely needing the new home and structure soon so I can get the desired results. I'm still doing my brainstorming and browsing, so hopefully I'll come up with something that works soon.

Anyways, there's honestly not a lot going on besides the normal stuff. I'm keeping that positive attitude and not giving any thought to negative things. Life continues to be fantastic, and I know that it will remain that way for me.

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